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This lesson demonstrates how to add a simple line chart in Microsoft Excel.

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Making a Line Chart in Excel | Video Source (01:13) | Transcript

A line chart illustrates data so you can see how it changes from one cell to another.

  • Highlight the data from which you want to make a line chart. In this case, the data is arranged into columns with text at the top of the columns indicating what each column contains. Highlight the text along with the numbers.
  • Do not highlight data that is not part of the series. In this case, the total in cell D12 is not part of the data series because it is a total and not a sales number from a particular date.

Figure 1

  • Select (a) "Insert" then (b) click on the line chart icon and select the line chart you want. In this case, select the chart called (c) "Line."

Figure 2

    • The chart will then appear on the spreadsheet.
    • You can add labels. Select (a) "Add Chart Element" then (b) "Axis Titles" and then (c) "Primary Vertical" and "Primary Horizontal." You may type the titles in the (d) text boxes that appear.

    Figure 3

      • You may reposition the chart by dragging it.
      • On a line chart, (a) you can click on the line to reveal information about each individual data point.

      Figure 4

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