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Steps to Get Academic Help as an "Active Learner"

If you are having trouble with a subject in your class, first relax and say a little prayer. Know that you are not alone. Relaxing can lower anxiety, which can raise your ability to focus. Here are some additional steps you can take as an active learner responsible for your own education:

Step 1: Use the self-help resources available to you.

  1. Look for instructor feedback (i.e. - on your writing practices and assignments). Many students do not realize there is helpful feedback waiting for them to read.
  2. Read and/or watch the appropriate lesson again and any related Resource Center lessons.
  3. Try the practices and review the answers/solutions provided in the Resource Center lessons.
  4. Visit any additional resources provided (e.g. - Khan Academy).

Step 2: Reach out to your classmates or someone else you know that might be able to help.

Step 3: Contact your Instructor for help

Step 4: Connect with a Tutor

If you are struggling with Math or Writing (PC 101 and PC 102), you may also connect with a tutor for free. For Math, start by chatting below. For Writing, click the link below the Math Lab box for options.

Online Math Lab:

Online Writing Center:
Please visit the BYU-Idaho Online Writing Center and select one of the options there.