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The purpose of this activity is to practice some basic Excel skills and provide you with some help to get you started if you are unfamiliar with Excel. This is just a beginning; other Excel tutorials and exercises can be found in the Resource Center to help you learn more about Excel as you need it.

Instructions: Practice Excel

Make sure that Excel is working on your computer and that you are comfortable performing the following steps. In this activity, you will walk through a few simple steps that will familiarize you with this program. This is a supplemental activity for those unfamiliar with Excel; therefore, you are not required to complete it. However, if you are unfamiliar with Excel, it is recommended that you complete this activity.
Additional help on certain steps is available by selecting the question mark button (?) to the right of that step.

  1. Open Excel and create a blank workbook. (?)
  2. Type your first and last name in cell A1 (top left-hand cell). (?)
  3. Wrap the text in cell A1 so your first name appears above your last name. (?)
  4. Save and close the file. (?)
  5. Reopen the file and make sure you see the file with your name in the first cell. (?)

View the following Excel image to see an example of what your Excel sheet should look like. If you are having trouble with any of these steps, including downloading Excel, please contact your Instructor.

This image shows the Excel sheet that has a name, Jonathan Doe, in Cell A1.

Additional Resources

If you feel that you need additional training on Excel, refer to these helpful resources on the Microsoft Office Support site:

Need More Help?

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  3. Contact your Instructor.
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