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Line charts can illustrate what are called data series. A data series is a group of data with similar characteristics. They can be in rows or columns. Below, you can see two series of data in columns: (a) dates, (b): sales numbers. Both data series have a title (Date, Sales).

  1. Highlight cells C1 to D11. We do not include cell D12 because it is not part of a series. It does not contain a sales number for a certain date.
Computer Create Line Chart 1.png

  1. Click the "Insert" ribbon to see that ribbon. A ribbon is a menu.
  2. Click "Line" from the Charts menu.
  3. Click the first 2D line chart that appears.

Computer Create Line Chart 2.png

  1. You may optionally add axis titles. To do this, click on the chart, then click the "Chart" ribbon to see that menu.
  2. In the "Labels" submenu, click "Axis Titles"
  3. Click "Primary Horizontal Axis Title" then "Title Below Axis."
  4. Enter "Dates" for the primary horizontal axis title.
  5. Click "OK." Repeat steps 2-5 for the primary vertical axis. You can use the "Rotated Title" style and "Dollars" for the label.

Computer Create Line Chart 3.png

  1. Click, hold, and drag the chart to position it below cell D12.
Computer Create Line Chart 4.png