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There are a lot of different résumé formats and probably twice as many opinions about which one to use. The format shown below is effective in most situations, but you may need to adapt your résumé after this assignment if your situation calls for a different type of résumé.

Infographic shows an example résumé and breaks it down as follows:
1.	Contact Information: Includes name, email, LinkedIn, and phone number.
2.	Headline: Includes professional title. 
3.	Summary: Summary of experience, passion, and goals.
4.	Skills: List of short, concise goals.
5.	Experience: Experience shows past work titles, locations, employment dates, and a short list of designated tasks.
6.	Education: Education shows past academic achievements, degrees, and certificates.

As you can see from the example above, the basic résumé has six simple sections:

  • Contact Information section
  • Headline section
  • Summary section
  • Skills section
  • Experience section
  • Education section

Effectively replicating these six sections on your own résumé (and within the context of the job posting your résumé is responding to) will go a long way in helping you make it past the first six seconds of the initial screening process.

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