Introduction to Evaluating Sources
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As the lessons on the Basic Paragraph and Body Paragraph have mentioned, supporting details are a very important part of many writing situations. They serve the purpose of supporting and further explaining the main idea of the paragraph or essay you are writing. They also serve the purpose of establishing the credibility (and reliability) of the writer in the eyes of that writer’s audience.

Just as important as integrating supporting details into writing is the skill of knowing what types of supporting details would work best given the intended purpose and audience of the writing. That is what this lesson will help you learn how to do—evaluate sources quickly and effectively so that your writing is supported by the most current, relevant, authoritative, and accurate information possible. It will do so by helping you learn to explore five important questions:

  • Is the source current?
  • Is the source relevant?
  • Is the source authoritative?
  • Is the source accurate?
  • Does the source have a clear purpose?

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