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On your Pathway Portal (sign in at, you can find the following information about your PathwayConnect gathering meeting.

Pathway Portal Dashboard with Navigation on the left highlighting My Gathering and My Contacts

Click "My Gathering" to find the location of your gathering. Click "My Contacts" to find the names and contact information of the service missionaries that help with your gathering.

If you are on a mobile device, you can find these options by going to the triple line icon in the top right.

Pathway Portal mobile view with triple line icon menu in the top right

The details of your gathering and a link to "Join Virtual Gathering" are included under "My Gathering."

My Gathering Information including Zone, Time, Weekday, and a link to Join Virtual Gathering

The contact information for your support missionaries is included under "My Contacts."

My Contacts Information including Term, Gathering Info, and Missionary Contacts

If there is no information in "My Gathering" or "My Contacts," contact BYU-Pathway Support right away.

If you are in an institute class, your institute class and the PathwayConnect gathering are not the same event. Both of these events may occur on the same day, however, they are different gatherings. To find information about your institute gathering, go to your Pathway Portal (sign in at Next, click on the name of your institute course and look for information about the gathering inside the course.